Arman Asak Cellulose Industries is proud to have successfully achieved the level of technology in the cellulose industry with many international experts who have been paper making and cardboard assembly throughout the world for years.We are now working with us.A combination of strong teams from the most professionals who consistently pursue the goal of building paper mills.
Providing the best possible services for customers and transferring modern technologies through these communications to our dear Iran and neighboring countries is the result of this continuing relationship.
Our pride is that we have chosen the way that the Reduces our dependence on the outside country day by day. With the advent of new technologies in the cellulose industry, we have focused on the installation and operation of machines, the training and professional experience of European experts and technicians. During this process, in order to install, Repair and maintenance, update machines and …, New technologies at disposal Iranian experts and neighboring countries Will place.
Our pride is that we are not just a salesperson. We prepare you with new technologies and tools Familiarize. In this way, you are not just a technology receiver. But at the end of the process,You have the knowledge of the day
We are proud to That the representative of the German company PAP-SER and the Spanish SPI, which has been operating in the international paper industry in Iran and its neighboring countries in recent years.
Our pride is to we are active serve dear Iran and neighboring countriesfor the growth and prosperity of the domestic economy.
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