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Our competent team combines long-term experience and technical knowledge. You can take advantage of this innovative power-blended with a sense of responsibility and motivation-at any time to benefit from our collaboration and service. In addition, we use the most modern technology in the world. In this way, you can benefit from a wealth of benefits and ensure your future success. The basis of cooperation is trust and confidence.
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Engineering and project design

Our cooperation with the highest level specialized in all fields of the cellulose industry with the most reliable international companies enables us to provide the best and most effective advice on the design and or purchase of new and second-hand machinery, as requested by you. To achieve quantitative and qualitative upgrades.

Consultation and Bachelor
As well’s Cellulose Industries Co., with regard to continuous communication with leading European specialists who have been active in cellulose industries for many years, provides a framework for you to achieve the result of your budgeting, in direct contact with these professionals with all technical and technical knowledge. Talk about the technology in the following sections.
Installation of all lines of cellulose industries

The Arman Asak Cellulase Industries Co. is associated with many cellulosic industry professionals who have been successfully and proudly involved in the assembly of paper and cardboard machines around the world for many years. The combination of a strong team of the most professionals who are constantly pursuing the goal of paper mills.

Reconstructing and optimizing worn lines

Considering that there are a large number of second-hand machines available throughout Europe, and our commercial partners in the field of machine rebuilding are over 40 years old. Modernization and matching of machines are carried out with great care in such a way that you will be faced with a new machine of quality and performance of the equipment in line with its initial performance.

System flow control


One of the important parameters in the pulp section is the control of the flow of the system and the re-processing of cellulose, we provide the experience of international partners to provide various diagrams of the flow system approach, for cellulose or pulp from waste, design and delivery of filtration systems in the sector. Different, up to three and four steps

Supply of spare parts and consumables

Spare parts supplied by internationally acclaimed companies are the result of difficult research and lengthy testing procedures. We can assure the main source that these components will be fully compatible with any device.
Quality, Innovation, Productivity, Experience and Reliability: These five principles are one of the most important advantages of our main international Partners components.

Presentation modern water and wastewater treatment systems

Water use is common in all industries and it is impossible to carry out industrial activities without the presence of this critical substance. Since good solvent is soluble during contact with the material, it can also carry small and insoluble suspended solids. For this reason, in the water used, any industrial process can be altered, which may be physical, chemical or biological.We refine it by presenting modern systems.

Second hand machinery sales

A wide range of modern machines in the cellulose industries around the world are working, and each one of them, after some time, is pulled out of the production cycle. The reasons for the exclusion of such machinery are excluded from the production cycle due to economic policies or environmental issues, economic uncertainty, the exhaustion of raw materials, or the economic policies of society.Choose the best and introduce you


Staff training is an invaluable asset for each company. Companies in such a competitive world must be able to improve organizational productivity, manage new opportunities to increase the value of experience and knowledge for development as an appropriate tool.We introduce industry experts to for teach you.

System process analysis.

 Visiting European specialists from your manufacturing unit, which has been active in the cellulose industry for many years, will reveal bottlenecks and create barriers to production. After analyzing the system, the quantitative and qualitative increase of your product is one of the benefits of this program.

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Arman Asak Company, as a leading provider of technology services based on the latest achievements of the new cellulose industry in the Iran, and with the presence of 12 neighboring countries in Iran, started its business in 2015 by signing a contract of dealings with two German and Spanish companies, in Now it has connected with more than 150 private and productive companies in Iran and other countries and has provided them with the services of medium and large industrial and services.
Considering that one of the main areas of activity of the company is the provision of customer support services, the company complies with European standards to provide quality services and increase customer satisfaction with the participation of German and Spanish companies, investing significantly in the services of technological services Has done.
The establishment of the incident management process and planning for the deployment of other enterprise support processes, including the efforts of the Arman Asak in this regard. In the process, all customer relationships with the support groups in the receiving service, from different channels, are recorded and tracked, and customers can express their valuable insights on the services provided.
We often forget the importance of face-to-face meetings and talks that count on numerous benefits. In the following, we refer to four reasons why you should tailor your business to professional meetings. 1. Educational opportunities: It does not matter if you are an expert in your field, attending specialized meetings will learn a lot of things and get new ideas for you.2. Networking with experts: Avoiding presence with experts because you are afraid of being out of knowledge Finding yourself will limit your success. 3 – Confirm your position as an expert: If you are active in the industry, you can develop your skills in the presence of specialists. 4. Discover new services and products: Sometimes, in most cases, you encounter innovative products and services that cater for your business. So outrun your rivals.
The purpose of these meetings is not just to transfer information, be sure that you can take advantage of it if you can build deep and real relationships in the events. Arman Asak is fully equipped to hold expert meetings and meetings with European specialists in the field of cellulose industry.if you want
The leaders of the Arman Asak understand that professional ethics is a set of principles and standards of human behavior that determines the behavior of individuals and groups. In fact, professional ethics is a rational thinking process aimed at realizing this. What values ​​in the organization should be preserved and disseminated when.
Associates have therefore accepted that professional ethics are a set of accepted ethical actions and responses that are set up by professional organizations and associations to provide the most desirable social relationships possible for their members in the performance of their professional duties.
۱- honesty and truthfulness 2- fairness and equality 3- trustedness 4- loyalty and sense of social responsibility
In Arman Asak, professional ethics are based on the principles of the four above, and they are committed to applying the principles of professional ethics. Accordingly, professional ethics in Arman Asak Company is considered to be a kind of moral commitment and conscientiousness to any kind of work, duty, and responsibility.

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