Arman Asak at a glance

Goals and Principles of Arman Asak

Our principles and goals are the sole means of creating the intellectual security of our customers. Feeling good with international experts to solve technical problems for a wide range of cellulosic projects.

Modern mashines sales:

Arman Asak is independent and selects the machines you need from many suppliers for you, in consultation with and appropriate to your capital.

Services :

Arman Asak has been able, with the cooperation of the highest specialized category in all fields of the cellulose industry, to provide a range of the most efficient services along with the most prestigious international companies.

Water and wastewater treatment:

Arman Asak maintains that the preservation of water resources is one of the major challenges facing cellulosic industries, so we are working to overcome this problem with the largest and most prestigious European companies with an emphasis on paper industry.

The Arman Aasak Industries is proud to partner with more than 10 internationally recognized cellulosic companies, representing two German and Spanish companies in Iran and other countries in the region.


Our wide range of services, with the cooperation of reputable European companies,

We have provided a good platform for technology transfer to our beloved country and the countries of the region, resulting in high quality and high quality products.

All services in one place:

The wide range of services of the cellulose company Arman Asak

In the field of modern equipment, development and modernization, with the presence of prominent European experts, is still expanding.

Our extensive and global communication enables us to meet customers’ needs in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost, in proportion to the need and amount of their investment in providing services or to improve the quantitative and qualitative level of their production.

“An ability that does not grow every day diminishes every day.” Chinese proverb

Visit factories
Requested Projects
Specialists have traveled to Iran
Answers to technical questions

Our specialized team, based in Europe, answers your questions about cellulosic industries.

These questions can be technical, technological, economic, and so on. Just ask your question to be answered as soon as possible.

Unique service


Second hand machines

A wide range of modern machines in the cellulosic industries around the world are employed and, despite the fact that they have not lost their effectiveness, are driven out of the production cycle by applying the economic policies of society. Our very good connections around the world, especially in Europe, make it possible to introduce a wide range of second-hand machines that are very economical.

We have prepared a list of different machines that are ready for sale in Europe to save you time.

Hear Our speech

Our speech: Water Treatment, Great Challenge

Hassan Kamalian, Managing Director of Arman Asak Industries

Our speech: Technology is a necessity now.

Hassan Kamalian, Managing Director of Arman Asak Industries


Arman Asak Industries, a cellulosic company operating as an exclusive agent for PAP_SERV and Spi Spain in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Gulf States, Turkey, Iraq, and Central Asia, is active in consulting, technical expertise, sales and services in the paper industry.


PAP_SERV is one of the most prestigious European companies in the field of equipment and services with a team of skilled professionals in the paper industry in the country of Allemagne.


This premium company is based in Valencia, Spain, and serves worldwide as a reputable company providing machines and equipment for the paper and pulp industry.

“With a friend at your side, no roadseems too long.” Japanese proverb

Do not hesitate to contact us.

You can contact us at any time of the day, without any restrictions, in the field of consulting services and technical questions. We are waiting for your call.
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